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A Plumber’s work consists of plan reading and
layout of, installation & the maintenance of plumbing systems.  These plumbing systems may be “green” & will include underground water supply, storm water, sewer drainage, fixture installation, waste & vent piping both inside & outside of buildings.  


Length of Apprenticeship:

Five (5) years
Apprentices receive on the job training 4 days a week & related classroom training 1 day a week for the first 3 years of their careers while in the program.
Apprentices in their 4th & 5th years will attend related classroom training in the evening & receive on the job training 5 days a week.

Apprentices may attend school at one of our 3 training facilities in Volo, IL, Chicago, Il, & Joliet, IL. (Location & day of the week for related training are subject to change.)

Wage Information:

First Six Months 34% of Journeyman’s Wage
Second Six Months 37% of Journeyman’s Wage
Second Year 44% of Journeyman’s Wage
Third Year 50% of Journeyman’s Wage
Fourth Year 66% of Journeyman’s Wage
Fifth Year 75% of Journeyman’s Wage
Specific wage information will be provided to accepted applicants during mandatory 40 hour unpaid orientation session  






Health & Welfare, Pension (An eligibility period is established with each Collective Bargaining Agreement .)


Basic Requirements:

May be 17 years old to apply. Must be 18 years old at the time of acceptance into the program.
Must have earned a high school diploma or a G.E.D. Certificate.  Water sealed high school transcripts may be accepted.

Must have a copy of a valid birth certificate & two pieces of photo ID.

Must have a valid driver’s license & reliable transportation.
Must pass 2  (urinalysis and hair follicle) drug tests including marijuana.

Must pass 2 (general physical and a physical agility test) physical exams.
A copy of a DD-214 (Armed Forces Discharge),
if applicable.


Working Conditions:

Plumbers are exposed to various weather conditions & work environments.


Recommended Preparatory Classes:

Mathematics, physical science, chemistry, mechanical drawing, reading comprehension, industrial arts and problem solving.



Must be able to work at high levels with
ladders, scaffolds & aerial platforms.

Must be able to work in confined spaces.

Must be physically able to perform the work of the trade at all times.

Must have excellent work ethic & be dependable.


Work Experience: (Helpful, but not necessary
for acceptance.)

Previous experience with construction or plumbing tools is beneficial, but not necessary for acceptance. 


Entry Process:

Applications are received and completed the day you arrive for you registration.

Applications are taken every year. (Check or local newspapers)

Applicants meeting the basic requirements are given an aptitude exam.
Applicants must complete a personal experience form.
Applicants should obtain a letter of recommendation and/ or an intent to hire letter. 
Applicants are ranked based on the accrued points of the 3 preceding components.
Applicants will be taken based on their rank: highest to lowest.

Plumbers’ Joint Apprenticeship Committee, Local Union 130, U.A.
(312) 421-1028
1400 W. Washington Boulevard
Chicago, Illinois 60607


 Training Director:
Jim Majerowicz




































Roofers use a wide range of products and application
techniques for applying hot asphalt, hot coal tar pitch, rubber
(EPDM & Hypalon), thermo plastics systems, torch applied modified
bitumen, and cold applied systems. In addition, they install
insulation & gravel and work with slate, cement & clay tile,
and shingles. Waterproofers apply materials to plaza decks and
building foundations to keep moisture out.



Length of Apprenticeship:

Five (5) years – minimum 5,500 hours of on-the-job

Apprentices attend classroom
training and hands on training during all the  years of the program. Classes
are held on Saturdays during months of Oct-May.

3rd year apprentices must participate
in week-long classes that are held on

Wage Information:

First six months 45% of Journeyman’s Wage
Second six months 50% of Journeyman’s Wage
Second Year 60% of Journeyman’s Wage
Third Year 65% of Journeyman’s Wage
Fourth Year 70% of Journeyman’s Wage
Fifth Year 80% of Journeyman’s Wage



Health Program, Pension (Local and International).


Basic Requirements:

Must be at least 18 years old.

Must show an original high school diploma
or a G.E.D. certificate.

Must show valid drivers license and social securtiy card.
Must pass a physical exam.
Must pass a drug test.
Must have reliable transportation.
Must be able to speak and understand the
English language. (All classes taught in English.)

NOTE: Six months’ commercial
roofing experience can be used to waive the education requirement.


Working Conditions:

Roofers and Waterproofers work in extreme
temperatures at high altitudes.


Recommended Preparatory Classes:

Algebra, geometry, mechanical drawing, reading
comprehension, and physical education classes.



Must be physically able to do the work of
the trade.

Must be able to work at high levels.
Must be able to work in confined spaces.


Work Experience: (Helpful, but not necessary
for acceptance.)

Familiarity with outside work or any job
that called for the use of tools, drafting, or practical application
would be beneficial.


Entry Process:

Complete application. (Applications are
available all year and must be completed at the office.) take an aptitude test.

Wait until your name reaches the top of the
apprentice list.

Once notified, take and pass a drug screening
and physical exam within 24 hours of being called.

Must pay a $550 initiation fee to join the Roofers Union.



Chicagoland Roofers’ Joint
Apprenticeship & Training Program

(708) 246-4488
7045 Joliet Road
Indian Head Park, IL 60525\


Marty Headtke

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