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Building Trades’ Apprenticeship Training Centers – Virtual Tours

The COVID-19 pandemic has presented us with an opportunity to use technology in order to practice safe distancing – and still carry out our goal of educating adults and students and making them aware of the construction industry as a career.

In April, CISCO teamed up with the Chicago Transit Authority to create videos in order to show various audiences a glimpse into the life of the skilled trades.

A series of webinars called “Construction Talks” are highlighting various building trades such as carpenters, electricians, bricklayers, plumbers, etc.  Zoom interviews with instructors/apprenticeship coordinators are being recorded and used to promote the trade and explain how to apply to the apprentice program.

Below are recaps of the webinars previously conducted and posted with the most recent to the initial program that featured the Carpenters trade.  A link to the video is available at the end of each post.

Operating Engineers Local 150 – April 30, 2021

“Construction Talks” headed southwest to the Training Center of the Operating Engineers Local 150 in Wilmington Illinois for the 7th episode co-coordinated by the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) and CISCO in their effort to attract young men and women into the trades via a virtual tour and interviews with current apprentices and apprenticeship coordinators and instructors.

The webinar was held on Friday, April 30, from Noon to 1:00 pm.,  and highlighted the sights and sounds of the program, as well as interviews with current apprentices.  Local 150’s Apprentice Coordinator George Antos, Diversity & Recruitment Specialist Daphne Jackson and Community Outreach Coordinator Nick Jorgensen all spoke about different aspects of the program.  CISCO’s Executive Director Dan Allen and Education-to-Careers Director Johnetta Ryan were also key participants in the webinar.

To view the video of the webinar, click here.

Pipefitters Local 597 – February 26, 2021

The first “Construction Talks” episode of 2021 (and 6th overall) co-coordinated by the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) and CISCO brought another captive audience of students and adults.

Moderated by CTA Coordinator of Worforce Initiatives Sam Hunt that featured panelists Adam Sutter, Local #597 Admissions Director and CISCO’s Executive Director Dan Allen, the hour-long virtual seminar was highlighted by a 15-minute video produced by the CTA’s Marc Buhmann. The webinar included interviews with current apprentices, a question and answer session, and helpful descriptions about the Pipefitters Apprenticeship Program and how to apply and what to expect.   To view the video, click here.

Bricklayers, Ceramic Tile Setters & Tuckpointers – October 16, 2020

October’s edition showcased the “Trowel Trades” – Bricklayers, Ceramic Tile and Tuckpointers – as CISCO and CTA featured the Bricklayers & Allied Craftworkers Apprenticeship Program and Training Center during their “Construction Talks” series.

Apprenticeship Coordinators representing the Bricklayers, Ceramic Tile Setters and Tuckpointers were highlighted as CTA’s Director of Diversity Programs JuanPablo Prieto led a camera crew through the facility and the apprenticeship coordinators described the program, answered questions and gave webinar participants an overview of the application process. To view the video, click here.




Plumbers Local 130 Apprenticeship Program – August 19, 2020

August’s edition featured the Plumbers Local 130 Apprenticeship Program.  Local 130’s Apprenticeship Training Director Jim Majerowicz and Instructor Frank Borkowski were featured along with CISCO’s Dan Allen and Johnetta Ryan. Several first and third year apprentices were interviewed and a thorough tour of the Plumbers recently built new, 3-year-old Training Center was provided to all who register for the webinar.

To view the video, click here




Roofers & Waterproofers Local 11 Apprenticeship Program – July 10, 2020

July’s edition of “Construction Talks” highlighted the Roofers & Waterproofers Local 11 Apprenticeship Program.  Local 11’s Apprenticeship Coordinator Marty Headtke and Instructor Brian Dubin were featured along with CISCO’s Dan Allen and Johnetta Ryan.  CTA’s Chynna Hampton introduced the speakers and asked Marty and Brian to lead a virtual tour of the Local 11 facility in Indian Head Park. In the photo at left, Brian Dubin (right) describes how roofers use a mop to spread hot tar on certain roof structures.  Marty Headtke is at left and Chynna Hampton in the center. To view the 50-minute video, click here



IBEW 134 – NECA Technical Institute Training Center – May 29, 2020

The CISCO/CTA webinar series titled “Construction Talks” finished May with a virtual tour of the Apprenticeship Training Program at IBEW Local 134 – NECA Technical Institute.  The series host, CTA’s Chynna Hampton was joined by 134 Training Director Gene Kent, Community Relations Manager Maurice King (a CISCO Board member) and CISCO’s Johnetta Ryan and Dan Allen.  The tour included a peak at various classrooms and training activity rooms where first, second and third year apprentices were learning their craft.  Impromptu interviews with different apprentices were highlighted.  To view the webinar/virtual tour, click here.



Chicago Regional Council of Carpenters Apprenticeship Program – May 1, 2020

CISCO’s long-standing partnership with the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) and other affiliates continued as it presented the first in a series of virtual meetings last Friday, May 1st. About 75 people “attended” the hour-long webinar enabling viewers to learn what it takes to apply and succeed in a union apprenticeship.

The episode featured Carpenter’s Apprenticeship Director Vince Sticca, Assistant Coordinator Kina McAfee, and Instructors John Husnick and Brad Rollins. Joining them on the tour of the Training Center in Elk Grove Village were CISCO Executive Director Dan Allen and ETC Director Johnetta Ryan. 

Various areas of the Training Center were featured and several on-line questions were answered by the panel of experts.  To view the virtual tour, click here.

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