Mission Statement


It is the primary mission of CISCO to strengthen the unionized construction market in the greater Chicago Metropolitan area. In support of this mission, CISCO will perform three major roles:

1) Serve as a forum to facilitate dialogue between contractors and building trades union leaders concerning mutual problems and concerns;

2) Serve as a clearinghouse for information on the local construction industry;

3) Serve as a promotional group to encourage union construction with the user community and the general public.

As a joint labor-management organization, CISCO will focus on cooperative efforts to reduce problems and conflicts and enhance the competitiveness of union construction. Through its activities, CISCO will build trust between the parties and will foster the joint commitment of local contractors and union labor to high-quality, on-time, within budget delivery on all projects.


  The Construction Industry Service Corporation (CISCO) is a non-profit labor management association. CISCO was founded in 1988 in an effort to bring union construction labor and management representatives together to work cooperatively in order to better the construction industry as a whole.

CISCO currently represents over 8,000 union contractors and 140,000 workers in Cook, DuPage, Lake, Kane, Kendall and McHenry Counties.

To learn more about CISCO, read our “CISCO IS” Brochure – click here.


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