On July 20, 2005, HB2137 was signed into law by then Governor Rod Blagoyevich amending the workers compensation Act.

A short summary of the changes

A long summary of the changes

Comp. Information

The Construction Industry Service Corporation (CISCO) is
committed to improving Workers’ Compensation in Illinois.
Both union and management agree that they have a stake in
providing better health care and a competitive insurance premium.

The Illinois construction industry currently receives premium
relief through the Illinois Premium Adjustment Program.

CISCO and a variety of other construction associations have
supported a change in the way premiums are established. The
present system uses wages paid; CISCO supports a change to
hours worked.

Justification for Hours Worked

Illinois Industrial Commission

Collectively Bargained Workers’ Compensation

There has been debate on Collectively Bargained Workers’ Compensation.
Find out more by checking out the following links:

What is Collectively Bargained Workers’ Compensation?

Position of the AFL-CIO on collectively
bargained Workers’ Compensation.

Glossary of Workers’
Compensation insurance terms

National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI)
is the organization responsible in many
states for determining proper Workers’ Compensation classifications.
They also collect data used for ratemaking and Experience Modification

The Union Construction Workers’ Compensation Program is a Minnesota-based
group whose website provides documents with information on UCWCP’s negotiated workers’ compensation program.

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